Commercial Applications

Metal Sales helps architects realize their dreams, by combining high functionality with the expanded design possibilities of commercial metal roofing and metal wall panels.

Strong, versatile and energy efficient, and in colors that enhance any design, Metal Sales makes striking linear designs possible, with a wide variety of commercial metal roof, siding and wall profiles that expands an architects tool box.

Performance Benefits
  • Highly Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Long Lasting Color
  • Energy Efficient
Design Options
  • Choice of Color
  • Choice of Profile (Shape)
  • Choice of Gauge (Thickness)
  • Choice of Finish
  • Specialty Materials (Copper, Marblique)
  • ENERGY STAR Listed Colors
  • LEED Contributing Colors
Service Advantages
  • 20 Locations Nationwide
  • Curving Capabilities Available
  • In-House Engineering & Design Assistance
  • Largest Sales Force in the Industry
  • Full FM-4471, UL 580, ASTME 1592 Testing

Your Building Is Your Business Card

Its no wonder so many award-winning designs specify Metal Sales materials from the very start. Advanced metal roof and wall panel technology, with custom profiles and more than 100 ENERGY STAR listed colors, help ensure your commercial or industrial project will perform beautifully, decade after decade.


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