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Roof tile has become synonymous with Spanish, slate and shake roofing and has been gaining popularity in all regions of the country. Whether made of composite, clay or concrete, roof tile has long been regarded as a classic architectural feature of any building. The finishing touch to an elegant design, if you will.

Brava manufactures the highest quality composite roof tile in Barrel Tile (Spanish or Double Roman Tile), Slate Roofing and Shake Roofing to offer the best of all worlds.

The numerous benefits associated with using Brava's roof tile include:
  • True to life realistic appearance for Barrel, Slate and Shake
  • Lightweight design to eliminate the need for added, costly structural support
  • Multi-colored blends, which are unrivaled in the composite roofing market
  • A 50 year limited warranty, and Brava's roofing products are all fully sustainable

Brava's composite roof tile are all Class 4 impact rated, and are available in either Class A or Class C fire ratings. Brava also has the only true white composite roof tile in the industry with our Spanish Class A profile. This tile offers a high degree of reflectivity with its smooth surface. All of Brava's roofing products are colored throughout, not just on the surface.

Brava's roof tiles are the right choice for any climate. They can withstand freeze/thaw cycles, and the Spanish barrel tile allows for spacing to permit air flow which can add to the cooling effect for the building, thereby increasing energy efficiency. Tile roofs often have enhanced air circulation compared to other roofing types because ambient air can circulate below as well as above the tile, making it a great choice for warmer areas.
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Barrel Tile

Barrel Tile

The term barrel tile is used to describe several forms of semi-cylindrical roof tile that are laid in an interlocking pattern. Most commonly referred to as Spanish Tile or Double Roman tile, the barrel tile design has been around for centuries. Brava Tile has developed two composite roof tile designs that evoke the grandeur of the old world, with the strength, practicality and environmental consciousness of today's world.

Spanish Tile

Brava's Spanish Class C Tile evokes delightful visions of European Old World Tile. Reminiscent of structures showcasing Mission roof tile, this barrel tile comes in the traditional Terra Cotta, but is also available in multi-colored tile blends and aged tile coloring blends. The lightweight feature makes this barrel shaped style tile a desirable alternative to a traditional barrel clay roof which often requires additional, costly structural support and is more labor intensive to install. This environmentally friendly roof tile contains recycled products, is fully sustainable, extremely durable and colored throughout.
Mission Clay
Spanish Mediterranean Clay
Tuscan Clay
Vintage Clay

Double Roman

Brava's revolutionary multi-colored Spanish Class A Tile is unrivaled in the composite roofing industry. Each tile is unique as the blend flows through the squares creating an exquisite roofline that will add a truly distinctive architectural aspect to any project. The Spanish Class A barrel tile provides an authentic appearance while affording the ease of installation. The tiles are designed to overlap and fit together neatly, and can be gun nailed or screwed down for higher wind specs. Brava's Spanish Class A tile replicates the appearance of pans and covers without the intensive labor associated with their installation.
Antigua Clay
Autumn Clay
French Clay

Shake Roofing

Brava Shake Roofing offers the realistic, true to life hand split texture of natural cedar shake with all the benefits of composite roofing.

Brava Shake Roofing is a beautiful alternative for the consumer seeking the aesthetics of hand split cedar shake. Initially the unique multi-colored shake, which is unrivaled in the composite roofing market, grabs your attention with its authentic appearance and three different widths.

Upon further observation, the fact that the shake varies in thickness from 5/8" to 7/8", thus creating interesting shadow lines, will convince you that this realistic composite shake roofing product not only replicates natural cedar shake, but is a more desirable way to roof your project. It will create that dramatic, classic look you want to achieve.
  • Longer life span than cedar shake, with a 50 year limited warranty
  • Comes in 5", 7" and 12" widths for ease of installation and natural look
  • Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A or Class C Fire Rating
  • No breakage, no special tools and numerous accessory pieces available

Brava Shake is made of recycled materials and is fully sustainable making it very environmentally friendly. Brava Mfg.'s composite shake is maintenance free. You will not find yourself replacing individual shakes throughout the roof's life cycle as is necessary with natural cedar shake.

Brava Shake Roofing offers a solid tile accessory to assist in the installation at gables and valleys, starter pieces and hip/ridge trim complete the line. There are no special tools required for installation, and no additional structural support is needed. This makes Brava Shake ideal for new construction and re-roofs, residential or commercial.

Why settle for asphalt shingles, or fake looking metal roofing when your home could be roofed with an environmentally friendly product that also offers character and architectural interest. Brava Shake can be installed in straight courses or in a staggered application to give it a more rugged appearance.
Rustic Cedar
Aged Cedar

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has been a classic staple in the roofing industry for centuries. While natural slate has some advantages, it has as many drawbacks. The weight factor is chief among them. Quarried slate is heavy and it becomes a greater problem the thicker the slate, forcing homeowners to add costly structural support. Brava offers the beauty of slate roofing with the advantages of composite roofing.

Homeowners now have two attractive alternatives to traditional slate roofing:

Brava Old World Slate Roofing

Brava Old World Slate Roofing is the only composite roofing product on the market that is available in multiple colors. It is no longer necessary to mix individual solid colored slate to get a unique appearance for your roofline. Bravas revolutionary multi-coloring process gives each piece of slate a unique blend of colors that go throughout the entire piece, not on the surface only. This eliminates the need for installers to do manual blending thus saving installation time.

Both of Brava's Slate roofing products are Class 4 impact rated, which is the highest in the industry, and are available in Class A or Class C fire rating depending on the homeowner's need.

Brava Slate Roofing

Brava Slate Roofing has the beautiful aesthetics of slate roofing, but without the weight constraints. It is cast from actual impressions of slate roofing, and the variety of solid colors and multi-colors replicate quarried slate providing a classic, architectural realistic appearance.
Brown & Red
Charcoal & Gray
Charcoal & Red
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